Food In Beijing


Exploring the Food in Beijing

There is a saying in Beijing, China that goes this way – there are two things you must do in Beijing: eat a Beijing Roast Duck and see theGreat Wall of China.  Thus begins your gastronomical adventure into the sumptuous foods that await you in Beijing.  If you are sticking to the local scene, food in Beijing is categorized as northern food referring to the dishes richly influenced by the culture that surrounds Beijing.  Most of these dishes come from Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and provinces located in the northern of China.  The north is famous for their methods of cooking like the use of herbs and spices.

Beijing Roast Duck, or Peking Duck, has grown in popularity both in Beijing and abroad.  The locally cooked version of this famous dish has a taste that you can never forget, even if you had your share of the other versions that are served in most Chinese restaurants elsewhere.  Beijing Roast Duck is simply unparallel in terms of how thin and crispy the duck’s skin tastes when you get the chance to be served with this dish.  Another fine specimen of traditional Beijing cookery can be found in Mongolian Hot Pot where you are served with an assorted selection of meats that are thinly sliced with vegetables that you can dip in special sauces and other side dishes.  This is something to look forward to especially when the weather is cold outside.

Bifectang Prawns are served fried to golden red perfection and deliciously served with garlic and other special spices.  Tourists love the taste of Gong Bao Ji Ding, a spicy chicken dish served with peanuts and vegetables.  Different restaurants have their different variations of this dish but it all of them did not deter tourist from requesting for such a dish.

For those who want to sample how the imperials ate during the ancient times in Beijing, you can order Beijing Imperial Court Food which involves a complicated preparation technique, an elaborate display of the Chef’s craftsmanship seen in how vegetables are carved like works of art.  This classical food is served in 5 star hotels such as the Beijing Hotel.

If you want to taste an authentic Beijing food with a mixture of Muslim influence, you must try some Beijing snacks which are sold on the streets while you walk on your tour of Beijing, China.  Western restaurants abound in Beijing too if you are missing the taste of American, Brazilian, French, Swiss, and Italian dishes.  Fast-food restaurants can be found in Beijing like Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds.


For potato lovers out there you can order Tudou Zi which may slightly resemble French Fries but these potatoes are stir fried with green peppers and special seasonings which can still taste good even if served cold or hot unlike its Western cousin.  You will never run out of things to order in Beijing.  For those who are practicing vegetarians who prefer eating such kinds of food, vegetarian restaurants can easily be found in Beijing.  In case you grow tired of eating lots of heavy food you can just go inside a Beijing tea house where you can watch local folk art perform while you sip your tea.

Final Words on Food In Beijing

With thousands of restaurants that are spread around Beijing, you are left with a well of unlimited choices when it comes to what specific food to eat when in Beijing, China.  The best way of experiencing your food adventure in the city of Beijing is by means of either spending a good amount in the some of the fancy restaurants or have your endless fill of cheap food coming from the smaller and family run restaurants located around the city.  It is highly recommended to ask for a bilingual menu to help you order dishes in most restaurants.

So, what comes after food,  Shopping in Beijing!