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We have created the Go Beijing Web site as a place to share helpful information and resources about the visiting, getting around, where to go, and what to see in the Chinese Capital of Beijing.  You can find some of our personal information and experiences by having a look at our About page.

What we hope to accomplish here at Go Beijing is to present a series of articles on what we believe will be of help for anyone with an interest in Beijing, China.  We will be offering help, information, and maybe suggest a few resources to help with whatever your plans are.

Go Beijing and You

Since you have visited our site, we are going to assume that you have some level of interest in learning more about Beijing, China.  We know that it can sometimes be quite hard to find the right source for information on any topic.  We will try to make this the best learning experience available for Beijing and provide you with information of value to you.  Here at Go Beijing we will be presenting articles and information that is clear and easily understandable.

Go Beijing – Articles

We have prepared a series of articles, and are currently working on more about this capital city of China.  We will be adding those articles as often as they are properly edited and we encourage you to come back regularly to check out our most recent additions.  We are currently set to publish the articles listed below.  To read more, simply click on the title below.

Beijing Overview

Forbidden City (Palace Museum)

Temple of Heaven

Tiananmen Square

Wangfujing Street

Beijing Hutongs

Food in Beijing

Shopping in Beijing

Transportation in Beijing

Summer Palace

The Great Wall of China

Go Beijing – Conclusion

This Web site is meant to be an ongoing project adding articles, information, and resources as they become available.  If there is something special you’d like to see here, please Contact us with your requests.  And finally, don’t forget to bookmark the Go Beijing Web site so you’ll easily find us next time!

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Welcome to Go Beijing

Go Beijing

Go Beijing is a Website providing help, information, and resources for traveling around Beijing, China.  We are currently working and gathering the contents for this site.  In the near future I plan to be posting many articles about Beijing.

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Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you’ll be able to find it again as I build the site.

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