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The purpose of this Beijing Information Articles site is to provide as much information as possible about the City of Beijing, China.  I have visited Beijing numerous time and my wife has actually lived there for about five years.

Beijing Information Articles – Friends

With all of the time my wife and I have spent in Beijing, we have made many friends.  We still communicate back and forth weekly and remain good friends with all of them.  Some are working in the travel industry and other are just long/life time residents of Beijing.  I have gathered information from all of them and they are continuing to help by providing material for this site.

Beijing Information Articles – The Content

I hope to be able to post as many articles as there are places to go, things to see, food to eat, and cultures to explore.  To get started I have planned to provide articles on the following topics.  One of the most visited places in the city is The Forbidden City, now know as The Palace Museum.  Directly across from The Palace Museum is Tienanmen Square which has become well known for several controversial events.  Within Tienanmen Square Mao Zedongs tomb/mausoleum can be seen and visited.  Not far from there, you can find the Temple of Heaven.  With a short trip to the far side of the city you’ll find the Summer Palace which is good for a day trip.  If shopping is your pleasure, there’s a walk down Wang Fu Jing Street, and of coarse we can not forget the most photographed place in all of China – The Great Wall.

Beijing Information Articles – Help

I’m doing my best to write and post these articles, but I can always use a little help.  If you would like to contribute some of your knowledge to this site, I invite you to write an article and send it to me.  The simple rules for providing content are:  the content must be original, everything must be factual, unless you state it as your opinion, the article should be a minimum of 500 words, and try to keep it under 1000 words.  If you would like to be a contributor, Contact us.

Beijing Information Articles Conclusion

This is going to be an on-going project with regular articles being posted.  I invite you to bookmark the site and visit us often for more Beijing Information Articles.