Tiananmen Square


Tiananmen Square

If there is one thing that Tiananmen Square in Beijing China is famous for is that it is the biggest public square in the world.  Every known visitor to the Forbidden City would definitely cross this famous square.  As a visitor you would enjoy immensely the sights, sounds and cultural immersion into Chinese culture that you will get out from visiting this famous site.  Tiananmen Square stands where the former Tiananmen Gate was built in the olden days when Emperors ruled in China.  These Emperors were thought of highly as the clear representation of the Son of Heaven during the Ming Dynasty in 1417.

It was during the Qing Dynasty when the Tiananmen Gate was destroyed by a big fire but was later rebuilt in 1651.  The years have passed by when British and French troops invaded China using the area as their camp.  As a result of these foreign invasions, the Chinese people rebelled and have not stopped fighting off a succession of other nations like Austrian-Hungarian Empire, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States who all tried to conquer and add this country to their line of conquests.  This was the reason why the Tiananmen Gate was leveled to the ground and become what we now know as Tiananmen Square.

It was in 1950s, during the reign of Chinese Premier Mao Zedong when the Tiananmen Square was built to its present size now resembling a humongous square.  When Chairman Mao Zedong made a declaration to the world that the People’s Republic of China was founded.  This is the reason why Chinese people from all over China still pay homage to this place as their own version of the Holy Land and Mecca.  The Chinese people never forget about Tiananmen Square’s role in their social, political and cultural life as citizens of this great Chinese nation.

The magnitude of the area that Tiananmen Square covers cannot be surpassed until this time in size by any other place in the world in terms of a public place where citizens would gather for their political and cultural events. Tiananmen Square has also witnessed how Chinese students have protested for democracy in 1989.  These student protestors were brutally massacred.  The issue is still debatable up to this time but has made the modern world become more aware of Tiananmen Square as an interesting place to visit.

This famous square will forever be considered as the official testament of their strength as people who are united for a common cause.  Since Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are closely connected to their identity as a people, you can see a picture of this place in Chinese currency.  If you want to go to Beijing, China you must include a visit to Tiananmen Square in your itinerary then you will also get to know about the other interesting places to see in the square.  On the north side you can see the Forbidden City, which also includes the Working People’s Cultural Palace, Sun Yat-SenPark, Gate of Heavenly Park and the Avenue of Eternal Peace aside from a giant portrait of Chairman Mao overlooking the square.  In the southern part of Tiananmen Square you can see the Mausoleum dedicated to Chairman Mao Zedong and where his body can be seen today.  If you decide to go west afterwards, you will see the Hall of the People there.  Later, if you want to visit the National History Museum you can go east from the square.  Tiananmen Square remains well preserved even if you can see the changes that western culture has brought into Beijing, China such as the presence of a large screen television that is sometimes used in the square to entertain the visitors.  Surprisingly you will find a Starbuck’s coffee shop and Kentucky Fried Chicken conveniently located adjacent to Tiananmen Square in case you miss eating the fast food that you may be use to.  If you are quite adventurous in your choices of food to eat then authentic Chinese dishes await your taste buds.

Tiananmen Square – A Must Visit!

It is during the night time that you can truly appreciate Tiananmen Square if you want to see it look similar to a film set when lamp posts light the area.  You can access the square using the pedestrian underpass so your option of going to and fro is either by subway or by walking on foot.  A sight to behold that you must see are the military guards raising the Chinese flag at dawn with their ceremonial march.  You can also purchase a kite to play with, since vendors sell them on the square.  All of these await your visit to the world famous Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.

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