The Great Wall of China


Where Everyone Wants To Visit – The Great Wall of China

One of the places that have made an everlasting impression on the minds of people around the world is The Great Wall of China.  If you are visiting Beijing, China taking a drive to north or west of the city to visit this famous wall is a must.  The Great Wall is an impressive sight to walk on.  These walls were built by Chinese dynasties to protect themselves from the marauders that tend to assault China from its surrounding neighbor countries.  The wall was not this long when it was constructed in 221 B.C.  The years that followed afterwards have witnessed the growing length of this wall to successfully ward of invaders until the 17th century.

Guard stations and towers were built to protect the construction of the additional new walls.  The Great Wall of China contrary to some urban legends cannot be seen by your naked eye when you are standing on the moon.  This famous wall resembles a gigantic dragon winding up and down stretching through deserts, grasslands, mountains, hills and plateaus covering an area of 5,500 miles (8,851.8 kilometers).  The Great Wall of China starts from East China and ends in West China.

Even if at present some parts of these walls are in ruins or have disappeared because of the passing of time it can still attract as many people as it can to witness this architectural sample of how the Chinese people value their independence from foreign rule.  Since the walls cover a lot of land area there are notable sections that you need to see because of its charming different views.  It was not until the Qin dynasty until this became known as The Great Wall as it is now.  The Great Wall is also unknowingly famous as the longest cemetery in the world since numerous lives that defended it from marauders have made their sacrifice in order to protect the people living inside these walls.

It is no wonder that these very walls have demonstrated to the world that Chinese people are united in one goal.  A multitude of diverse types of individuals were the builders of The Great Wall of China.  Soldiers, Prisoners and even local citizens have all contributed their time to help build this symbol of their undying love for their country.  A number of legends have made their way to make The Great Wall of China more famous, a good example is that of a Chinese wife name Meng Jiangnu who cried bitterly about her spouse’s demise while taking his part in building a section of this wall that resulted to its collapse.

The most popular part of The Great Wall of China is the Badaling section which has withstood the test of time and is the best preserved among the other sections of the wall.  Badaling was used as a strategic position for defense because of its height.  It is 1,000 meters (3281 feet) above sea level.  It is in Badaling where you can find a comprehensive tour of The Great Wall of China.  These tours include a circular cinema screen, museum, shopping and dining facilities even for those that are physically challenged.  Helicopter rides can be taken over The Great Wall which runs from a 15 minute to 30 minute plane ride to its most famous sections.  The changing of the seasons has its advantage and disadvantages when you plan on taking a trip to The Great Wall.  It would be better to come prepared wearing your hiking shoes and layers of clothing that you can take on or off as the weather changes.

Effects On The Great Wall Of China

The China Great Wall Academyhas made a report in 2002 that unavoidable forces of nature have cause the decaying condition of less than 30% of The Great Wall of China.  This is why this Academy has made it their job to protect it from further falling into a worse condition.  In 2009, a survey group was sent to investigate the condition of The Wall and the results were alarming since some sections of the wall have become shorter or have totally disappeared.  A train or airplane to Beijing from Xian will help you get to The Great Wall of China.  If you wish to visit other sections of the wall you can take a city bus but nothing beats a helicopter ride when you want to see its grandeur and beauty.

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