Shopping In Beijing


So Many Opportunities For Shopping in Beijing

Being the capital of China that has spanned and survived five dynasties, Beijing is not just a culturally rich place to visit but it is a great place to shop too.  Even in the olden days when Chinese Emperors of different dynasties used to rule China, Beijing has never run out of skillful craftsmen that have passed their trade to the generations that come after them.  If you want to shop for traditional handicrafts that are made out of ivory carvings, jade, lacquer and Cloisonné there are a lot of good shops that sell items that use these materials.  Liulichang Cultural Streetis a famous and good place to hunt for antiques.  Beijing specialty shops such as the those that sell silk like the Rui Fu Xiang still carry the theme of Old Beijing.  Nei Lian Sheng is a notable shoe store which has been in existence since 150 years ago.

If you are shopping for souvenirs to take as presents for your friends there are some shops that sell them in Beijing.  The most saleable items that tourist prefer purchasing have got to be those that are small enough to carry inside their luggage.  Snuff bottles of assorted size with pictures inside of them are one of the crowd favorites.  You can also purchase artificial flowers made from local materials as well.  To begin your day of shopping you must come prepared for the sights and sounds that will greet you while you walk along the streets of Beijing, China.  It would be helpful to come with a list of things that you would like to purchase since the choices are quite numerous and may place a dent on your budget or you may find yourself running out of space in your luggage for all of the items that you have shopped for.

shopping_in_beijingThe biggest shopping zones inBeijingare: Dongsi, Qiamen, Xidan Commercial Street and of course Wangfujing Dajie.  While shopping in Wangfujing Dajie you can use the shopping barrows to carry the items that you have purchase for free.  Qianmen Street was renovated and reopened to the public before the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Even if you can purchase internationally well known brands such as Zara, H&M you can still enjoy the traditional Chinese life while walking Qianmen Street in Beijing.  It is on this street that you get to ride the Dangdang Che (trams) which were renovated and transformed into sightseeing cars.

Xidan Commercial is located on the west of Tiananmen Square which is given the nickname as second Wangfujing.  What makes Xidan unique from the other commercial shopping area is its entertainment square.  For those who are looking for good fashion brands that belong to the middle and upper class you can find it all in the commercial shops spread all throughout Xidan Street. Xidan Culture Squareis an ideal place to rest your tired feet from your all day shopping spree in the streets of Beijing China.  You can also watch concerts and movies in the Beijing Concert Hall and the Capital Cinema that are on Xidan Commercial Street.  Some say that Dongsi has got to be one of the most under rated shopping areas in Beijing.  This area carries with it a good alternative to shopping compared to its famous counterparts.  Gold shops can be found in Dongsi as well as famous restaurants that have managed to withstand time.  And, you can still shop at wholesale markets which locals favor since the goods sold here ere cheaper, but you must carry cash with you since credit cards are not accepted in this place.  You also have to watch out for pick pockets since the place is super crowded.

Final Beijing Shopping Thoughts

You can look for Chinese costumes and shoes in this place to take home as your present for friends.  Small items such as cosmetics, clocks and such small items are sold here too.  If you are fond of gadgets you can purchase some of them in the Electronic and Digital Product section of these wholesale markets in the streets of Beijing.  As a reminder, if you plan to shop during the summer in Beijing keep in mind that most malls open at 8:30 a.m. up to 9:30 p.m. while in winter they are closed one hour earlier.

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