Overview of Beijing China


General Overview of the City of Beijing China

Before you go for a visit to the historical place of Beijing, China there are some things that you need to know.  China has dramatically undergone a lot of changes over the centuries as most places do.  The capital city has evolved from its old name of Yanjing and Beijing into what we now know as Peking or Beijing which simply means Northern Capital. For any tourist who would love to visit Beijing the most important thing that you should keep in mind is to drop by Beijing’s famous interesting spots. A good place for you to visit first would be The Forbidden City (Palace Museum) which was given the nickname Purple Forbidden City.  This is by the far the largest and best preserved imperial palace which became the residence for 24 successive Chinese Emperors.

In 1406 it was Ming Emperor Yongle who started its construction but it was Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhudi who first live there as Emperor. Starting from 1987 until now Forbidden Palace has become Beijing, China’s greatest cultural contribution to the world. Centuries have passed by, leaving behind the need to restore The Forbidden Palace into its former glory to make it as grand as it was back in the time when the Emperors use to live there. At this time the Forbidden Palace draws a huge crowd of people coming from places around the world to pay tribute to this great symbol of Chinese legacy to the world.

Chinese culture was known for their great reverence for places that they hold sacred. Altars are common symbols of this great adoration. The Temple of Heaven which is situated in Southeast Beijing is a fine example of an altar used for imperial ceremonies to give honor to their ancestors and Emperors. Emperors were often viewed as Son of Heaven which acts as mediator for the people of this earth to the God of Heaven. During the winter, the reigning Emperor of that time prays for good harvest on behalf of the people. The Emperor and his chosen entourage clad in splendid looking robes will start fasting for a couple of days followed by an annual procession by which commoners are forbidden to watch. The ceremony is quite complicated and should be strictly followed in order to avoid committing even just one costly mistake which can cause the Chinese nation to suffer for a whole year.

Another good place to visit is Central Beijing’s Summer Palace which is said to be an excellent epitome of Chinese creativity express through landscape. The Summer Palace is surrounded by gardens, temples and pavilions that are soothing for the eye to watch. A rich example of how harmony can be seen in nature. Beijing also boasts of having one of the world’s greatest wonders: The Great Wall of China. This wall contrary to what others believe is not a continuous wall but rather a combination of different wall segments build by each Chinese dynasty for their protection against the invading Xiongnu people ofMongolia, Turkic and other surrounding tribes. A little known fact about this wall is that it is said to be the longest cemetery in the world because of the countless people who died there while building the walls to protect its citizens from within. One of the best places to visit next is located in the center of Beijing City, a place where thousands of people visit daily:Tiananmen Square. This Square houses the Tiananmen Tower which acts as the front door of the Forbidden City. This Tower was exclusively used by the royal family alone but is now open for the public to enjoy. It is also in Tiananmen Square where you can visit the People’s Heroes Monument with the immortally written words of Chairman Mao Zedong or Mao Tse Tung who founded the People’s Republic of China.

Shopping in Beijing starts with a visit to Wangfujing Street. The business establishments on this street expertly symbolizes the successful marriage between the old Chinese tradition and modern day commerce and culture. It is also conveniently located near the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. You can save a lot of your precious money because most of the products are cheaply sold here. It is different though when you purchase goods from tourist shops since the price tag is higher but fortunately negotiable. You can either take the subway or bus ride to reach Wangfujing Street. The subway is a good method of going around town and the fastest way to do so. In most cases it is cheaper to pay for your fares using official cabs with meters rather than go for a ride on a bus driven by a driver who does not speak English.

Beijing, China And More

If you want to take a glimpse of old Beijing you can experience this by visiting its famous Beijing Hutongs. One of the most famous Hutongs has got to be at Yandaixiejie which houses the different kinds of bars, cafes and restaurants. This is where you can buy your souvenirs to take home with you. If you are the adventurous type of person it would be safe to sample what Beijing has to offer for your gastronomic adventure. If you cannot eat with chopsticks it would be better to take along some plastic forks with you so that you can eat with gusto. Even if Beijing is famous for its street foods it would be better to stick on the most highly recommended dishes to eat in Beijing. Peking Duck got its name from the old Beijing which is why this should be one of the dishes that you must taste. You can also sample some of their famous pancakes, Scallion and Mandarin pancake which are usually accompanied by Mu Shu Pork. You’ve got to taste Jiaozi Dumplings, Flower Rolls, Mongolian Lamb Hot Pot, and Mongolian Beef Noodles with Meat Sauce amongst the throngs of delicious dishes. It would be safer to purchase bottled water to drink rather than take the risk of suffering from drinking tap water and ruin your grand vacation in Beijing, China.